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The Unknown Facts and struggle of Virat Kohli

June 19, 2019

Birth Of The Leader -Virat Kohli


There are some unknown Facts of  Virat Kohli the indian skipper and the match winner of India was born on 5 Nov 1988 in Delhi.

He is the most dedicated sportsman and lives his game at every moment. I don’t see anybody who is more dedicated than him.


Struggle Days And His Dedication

At the age of 9 his father late Mr. Prem Kohli joined him a cricket academy .in academy he used to play with under-15 one day a ball hit on his chest and next day his mother came and say sir please let play him with his age group but the small boy refuses to play with age group. This shows that this small boy loves to face new challenges.

During his Ranji trophy match against Karnataka he was batting at 40 odd and at overnight his father got expired and that moment he called his coach and ask him what to do and he says it depends on you and then this 18-year-old boy decided to bat next day and score 90 runs and save his team for defeat and then directly go to his father funeral. This incident shows how much he is dedicated to his passion and finally, on 18 Aug 2008, he got an Indian cap against Sri-lanka. After that everybody knows his class.

Aggressive Nature

Every cricketer has its own nature and but the Unknown Facts of Virat Kohli and their style of captaincy whether it is aggressive or cool minded but I can’t understand why people say see Dhoni is so calm and Virat is over aggressive in nature, it only depends on person to person.

Now I show you the aggressive captaincy records then you will tell me that he is over aggressive or the best aggressive captain.

Aggressive Captaincy Records

1) In tests total matches 46 matches won 26 lost 10 drawn 10

2) In odi total matches 69 match won 50 lost 17 1 tied 1 no result

3) Virat in t-20 total matches 22 match won 12 lost 9 no result 1

Some Of the Aggresive Quotes :

” Whatever I am its natural .i don’t have to pretend to be aggressive don’t have to show the opposition that I am on the field .being aggressive comes naturally, and it helps in my performance”.

“The bat is not a toy, it’s a weapon. it gives me everything in life which helps me doing anything on the field .”

    Records and Achievements

  • He is the fastest Indian to score a century in one day (52 balls).
  • He is the only batsman in the world who has an average above 50 in all three formats.
  • First batsman to score 500 runs in a bilateral series (against WI).
  • The only person who scores 4 double centuries in a year.
  • He has jointly recorded with Ricky Ponting of winning 9  test series(2015-2017).
  • He has a world record of fastest 17,000 runs in international cricket.
  • Only Indian captain to score 3 consecutive centuries in ODI.
  • He is the only cricketer in the fobs top 100 sportsmen.

Very few of its achievement and records are listed:

Charity Work Under – Virat Kohli

He also has a charity on his name called Virat Kohli foundation who takes care of unprivileged children and their education.

He also sponsors 8-10 Indian nation athletes.






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