• WWE United states championship belt

    Full Details Of WWE United States Championship Belt

    WWE United States Championship was established on 1st January 1975 as NWA United States Heavyweight Championship and considered as one of the secondary titles in WWE which is defended under Raw. The other secondary titles are WWE Intercontinental Championship and NXT North American Championship defended under Smackdown and NXT respectively. Apollo Crews is the current champion as his first reign of this title in his career. Some of the basic details of this title are: Date Established: 1st January 1975 Promotion: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (1975-1988) World Championship Wrestling (1988-2001) WWE (2001-present) Divison: Raw Current Champion: Bobby Lashley Date Won: 30th August 2020   Who Held WWE United States Championship For…

  • WWE Championship Belt

    Full Details Of WWE Championship Belt || Most Popular Belt Of WWE

    WWE Championship Belt is one of the biggest championship title which was created by the American Professional Wrestling Association to promote WWE and it was first established on 25th April 1963 as the name of WWWF World Heavyweight Championship and it is the oldest championship which is defended currently under the WWE Raw division. The name of this belt had been changed so many times. List down below: WWF World Heavyweight Championship (1983-1989) WWF Championship (1989-2001) WWE World Championship (2016) WWE Undisputed Championship (2002) Undisputed WWE Championship (2002) Undisputed WWF Championship (2001-2002) WWE Championship (2002-2013, 2016-present) WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2013-2016) WWF Heavyweight Championship (1979-1983) WWWF Heavyweight Championship (1971-1979) WWWF…


    Top 5 WWE Champions Who Held 2 Different Belts At The Same Time

    Every wrestler wants to win a championship in his career. To achieve this they work really hard but only a few can become WWE champions But wait, winning a single championship and game is not over. Some of the WWE champions who won many championships. But only a few are there who 2 titles at the same time. So, In this article, we are discussing about Top 5 WWE Champions Who Held 2 Different Belts At The Same Time 1. Seth Rollins Real Name: Colby Lopez Height: 185 cm Weight: 98kgs(217 lbs) Debut: 2005 Colby Lopez is better known as Seth Rollins started his professional wrestling career in 2005. He…