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Is The Time For Dhoni To Retire??

August 2, 2019

From the last one or two years, cricket fans are divided into 2 categories the one which idealized MS dhoni and want him to play as much as possible and others who are trollers who want dhoni retire as soon as possible.what do you think is the time for Dhoni to retire from international cricket.

I have 5 solid reasons why he should not retire from international cricket than you will tell me in the comments that I am right or wrong.

1. MS Dhoni’s Experience

MS Dhoni is the most experienced player in this Indian team and his experience is so valuable for the team. or example while taking any important decision on the field Virat first choice is MS Dhoni. He is so accurate that 8 out of 10 times he is right. Former cricketer says “DRS is not a decision review system its dhoni review system”.

2.  The Best Wicketkeeper

He is currently the best keeper in the world.  His own method which looks unorthodox but is so effective and gives the positive result to him and to our team. He is the 3rd in the world in case of no. of dismissals (829 dismissals ).

3. Helps Spinner To Take Wickets 

He is no longer a captain but he becomes a different leader when the spinners are bowling and helps the Virat to field in outside the 30yards. He takes all the charge and helps kulcha (Kuldeep and Chahal) to take wickets. Both say that half of there work is done when MS is behind the wickets.

4.Fittest Players In The Indian Squad

He is 38 years but still so fast in running between the wickets and easily convert the singles into doubles and doubles into triples. He maintains his fitness so well. Doing squatting as he does keeping for 300 balls in ODI and after that and perform batting in the second innings is such a difficult task but he does it effortlessly.

5. Great Batsman

He is such a great batsman as he absorbs all the pressure from the other players.Every time when the top order fails, he builds the partnership with middle and lower-order batsmen. This shows his experience. At a time he can hit hard. There are lots of eg. where he make the team win from the impossible stages.

now, what do you think after reading those 5 points Is The Time For Dhoni To Retire or not tell me in the comment sections.

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