Full List of IPL Orange Cap Winner From 2008 to 2019


Orange Cap Holders Of IPL

Undoubtedly, Cricket is the most loved game in India.IPL is more than a cricket league, it is an emotion felt by every Indian cricket fan and it’s rightly called ‘India Ka tyohar'(Indian festival). However IPL is not only loved in India, but it is celebrated all over the cricketing nations and lovers in the world. This tournament has numerous awards for the players who put all they have got and perform really well and outshines all the others. One of those is the Orange Cap.

Orange Cap is presented to the Batsman with the Most Runs in the IPL season. IPL Orange Cap was inaugurated in IPL’s very first season on 13 May 2008. In other words, the batsman with the highest number of runs would wear the Orange Cap while fielding during the course of the tournament.


Season 01(2008)

Shaun Marsh(616 Runs 11 Match)

The inaugural Season’s Orange cap or in simple words the player who scored the highest number of runs was Shaun Marsh. The Australian hitting machine securing 616 Runs in just under 11 Match while playing of King’s XI Punjab. And till date, no player has played just 11 matches and secured the orange cap.

Achievement: The only Player to get OrangCap by playing just 11 matches.


Season 02(2009)

Matthew Hayden (572 Runs 12 Match)

Another Year, Another Australian who won the IPL Orange cap. Matthew Hayden or also known as haydos became the first Chennai Super Kings player to do so, Chennai super kings with the effort of haydos reached the Semi-finals but were eliminated by RCB in that round. Later RCB also lost the finals to Deccan Chargers by just 6 runs in the chase of 143 runs. This is a perfect example of pressure in chasing in the finals.


Season 03(2010)

Sachin Tendulkar(618 Runs 15 Match)

The most remarkable year of Indians as it was the first year when an Indian wore an Orange cap, and that too none other than the little master himself. Securing some great innings in that season Sachin took his team to the finals for the first time of that season. But unfortunately, they lost to CSK for 22 runs in a 168 run chase.

Achievement: First Indian to wore Orange Cap.

Season 04(2011)

Chris Gayle(608 Runs 12 Match)


Till now, every bowler had a fear of bowling to Gayle when he is in the full form. The GayleStorm helped RCB to reach the finals in season 04 as he scored 608 runs in just 12 matches he even hit the highest number of sixes in that season totaling 44. But unfortunately, RCB lost to CSK in the Finals for 58 runs.

Achievement:  Scored the most no. of sixes in the tournament i.e 44.

Season 05(2012)

Chris Gayle(733 Runs 15 Match)


Doing it again Gayle secured his second Orange cup in just two seasons playing for RCB. Scoring a massive 733 runs in 15 matches which were highest in any season till that time. At that time Rcb trio (Gayle, Virat, AbDe)is the best to destruct any world-class bowler.

Achievement: The first player to get the Orange Cap for 2 consecutive years(2011,2012).

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Season 06(2013)

Michael Hussey (733 Runs 16 Match)

Mr. Cricket became the second Chenniyan to wear an Orange cap after his fellow countrymate Matthew Hayden did it back in 2009 and he even equalized the score of Chris Gayle’s last season. He was known for his consistency in scoring runs at the top order and give a good start to the team. Till now this is the highest run for any cskian in a single season. He scored 733 runs in just 16 matches  and take his team to the final but unfortunately, they lost the finals to Mumbai Indians by 23 runs.

Achievement: Highest runs (733) in a season for CSK til now.

Season 07(2014)

Robin Uthappa(660 Runs 16 Match)

The second Indian and the first Kolkata player to wear the Orange cup was The KKR’s keeper Robin Uthappa scoring 660 runs in 16 matches which helped KKR to win their 2nd title.

Achievement: First KKR player to get Orange Cap.

Season 08(2015)

David Warner (562 Runs 14 Match)

This Australian opener is one of the best openers in the world because he scores run with such ease that it becomes too difficult for the bowlers to get him out early. He is the first SRHian to get the Orange Cap. He scores 562 runs in just 14 matches. Interesting it is the lowest score by an Orange cap Holder.

Achievement: First SRH player to get an Orange Cap.

Season 09(2016)

Virat Kohli(973 Runs 16 Match)

Virat is known for setting up new records that are very difficult to break. In this season he did the same thing. Yes, he makes 4 tons in a single season which is till know a record. In this season he scored a record 973 runs in just 16 matches.

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Achievement: highest run in a season till now(973).

Season 10(2017)

David Warner(641 Runs 14 matches)

This is the second time when David Warner got the Orange Cap. This time he scores 641 runs in just 14 matches. He is the best overseas player for the Sunrises. I said this because he is the Highest Run scorer for SRH. Till now he scored 3271 in just matches.

Achievement: Highest runs for SRH(3271).

Season 11(2018)

Kane Williamson(735 Runs 17 Match)

Another Orange cap for another Sunriser’s player and captain Kane Williamson was just the second in that trilogy there was another one coming. Being an orthodox classic player he showed that T20 is not all about hitting is about playing longer innings and ticking the scoreboard.

Achievement: Second highest Run scorer in a season(735).

Season 12 (2019)

David Warner (692 Runs 12 Match)


Joining late for the season didn’t stop David from scoring big runs in the season, and coming back to cricket pitch after a 1-year suspension, was just a not mere excuse for him, this season completed a consecutive hat-trick for SRH’s Orange cap. And a 3rd Orange Cap for David Warner’s Orange Cap.

Achievement: Get the most no. of Orange Caps (3).


Season 13 (2020)

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