wwe rivalries

Top 4 WWE Rivalries Of All Time

wwe rivalries

WWE is considered as the greatest wrestling association in the world. It offers not only entertainment but an opportunity for wrestlers to meet and compete with others. Some of them develop friendly relations with others while some of them make rivals. WWE rivalries are considered to be essential in WWE as they give us the greatest and epic moments or matches in history. To make rivalry more intense and interesting, superstars try their best. Some of them affect their personal life also.

In this article, you will get to know about Top 5 WWE Rivalries of all time.

 1. Undertaker Vs Kane

Undertaker and Kane are best known for their partnership in WWE as tag team Brothers Of Destruction. They both defeated many tag teams and also fought with each other. The rivalry between both started when they both fought for the vacant WWF Title with Steve Austin as a special referee at Judgement Day. Their rivalry continued when Undertaker and Austin were facing each other in a Buried Alive match when Kane interfered attacking Undertaker which helped Austin to win. After that, they faced each other in many matches. They both faced each other at

  • WrestleMania 14 in which Undertaker won by delivering Tombstone Piledriver 3-times
  • for a rematch of their WrestleMania match at Unforgiven 1998 in an Inferno match in which undertaker won by setting Kane’s arm on fire
  • In 1999 at Unforgiven in an Inferno match with Undertaker as the winner by setting Kane’s foot on fire.

2. John Cena Vs CM Punk

John Cena is best known for his Never Give Up attitude and is a 16-times WWE Champion in his career. He is also known for his rivalries with many WWE Superstars such as Triple H, Shawn Micheals, Randy Orton, etc. But his rivalry with CM Punk is also a great rivalry of his career and they both had some of the best matches of their career. They faced each other in many pay-per-view events such as

  • SummerSlam 2011 for WWE Championship with CM Punk as winner
  • Night of Champions 2012 which ended in a draw
  • Money In The Bank 2011 for WWE Championship with CM Punk as winner
  • Survivor Series 2012 with CM Punk as winner

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3. Steve Austin Vs The Rock

Stone cold Steve Austin and The Rock are considered as the great superstars of their time. They both gave many greatest matches in their career. The rivalry between both is also the greatest one. Their rivalry started because of Intercontinental Championship and both faced each other many times. After that, they faced each other

  • at WrestleMania 15 for WWE World Heavyweight Championship with The Rock as the winner
  • WrestleMania 17 for WWE Championship with Austin as the winner
  • at WrestleMania 19 in Street Fight match with The Rock as the winner.

       4. Triple H Vs Shawn Micheals

Triple H is currently the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE, as well as the founder and Executive producer of NXT, and an occasional in-ring performer and Shawn Micheals is considered as the greatest wrestler famous as nickname Heartbreak Kid (HBK). Both Triple H and HBK formed a tag team DX (De-Generation X). Their rivalry started when Triple H gave Pedigree to HBK. After that, they faced each other at

  • SummerSlam 2002 with HBK as winner
  • Armageddon 2002 WWE Championship with Triple H as winner
  • Roya Rumble 2004 in Last Man Standing match which ended in a draw
  • Bad Blood 2004 in Hell In A Cell with HBK as winner