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Top 3 Greatest ICC Wicketkeepers across all formats

It is well said that “Wicket Keeper is the captain during fielding”.Wicket-Keeping is one of the most difficult jobs. In cricket, there are many legends who make this difficult job look so easy. In this article, we will see the top 3 Greatest ICC WicketKeepers across all formats.

Top 3 Greatest ICC Wicketkeepers across all formats


1.Mark Boucher


Greatest ICC Wicketkeeper

Mark Boucher is currently serving as the head coach of South Africa. He had set many milestones of keeping during his international career.

some of the keeping records of him are:

  •  the most successful wicketkeeper in terms of dismissals (998)across all formats.
  •  holds the record of most catches by a wicketkeeper.


2.Adam Gilchrist


adam Gilchrist keeping records

Gilchrist is known for his aggressive batting and high-quality wicket-keeping. He is currently working as the Australian cricket commentator.

In his 396 long matches career, he had 905  dismissals which include 813 catches and 92 stumps to his name, which made him 2nd most successful wicket-keeper after South African Mark Boucher.

  • He is the only wicketkeeper in the history of the world who had an average of 2.178 dismissals per innings in the test matches.
  • He had the record to his name of most number of dismissals (414 ) in his 96 Test match career.

3. MS Dhoni


Ms Dhoni Records
Ms Dhoni Records


Former Indian captain and the world Best finisher has many records to his name. There are so many records that he made with his batting and captaincy. In addition to that he also made many wicket-keeping records.

Some of them are:

  •  Record of the highest number of stumping (195).
  •  The 3rd most successful wicketkeeper in terms of dismissals (829) including 634 catches and 195 stumpings.
  • The most successful wicketkeeper in t20 as he did 92 dismissals.

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