Rules Of ICC Test Championship

After the great world cup, now icc gives a new shape to test cricket as they are organizing the world test championship. Yes, the world cup of test matches. In this article, you will get all the complete information regarding the world test championship like rules, schedule, points system of icc test championship and much-related stuff.

When It Will Start And Teams Which Played

It will start on 1st of August 2019 and it will be a 2-year-long program where top 9 teams of MRF  ICC test ranking teams are participating and the final will be played on June 2021. The champion will be decided after 27 test series and 72 test matches. If the final match results in a draw then the team which is on the top of points table is declared as the winner.

How Does It Points System Will Work?

Rules And Points System

Each team will play 6 series, 3 in-home conditions and 3 in away conditions. Each series vary from 2 to 5 matches. For each series, the team will have 120 points and it depends on the no. of matches in series. Winning a match will give the team full points, for draw1/3and for tie ½ points will be given.

Matches In Series Points For win Points For Tie Drawn Test Points 
2 60 30 20
3 40 20 13
4 30 15 10
5 24 12 8

Will All  Matches Are Included In This Championship

The matches that are played between the top 9 icc test ranking team only that will be counted as legal for this championship. Like the matches with Afghanistan, Ireland, Zimbabwe are not legal in this championship. All this the under the rules of this icc test championship.

The Main Reasons For Starting WTC

  1. To gain the lossed interest of people in this longer format of the game.
  2. To give equal importance to each and every match in any bilateral series .

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