India V/s West Indies In World Cup

       Head To Head India vs  West Indies     


India V/s West Indies In World Cup match is going to be very interesting. As both, the teams are 2 times world champions.  The match will be going to start at 3 pm ( Indian time). This is going to be very important because one side we will see the big hitter west indies side and on the other side we will see the best strike rotator India. In this article, we will see some stats and weak and positives and weak points of both the teams.

India V/S West Indies In World Cup

India won 5 matches and west indies won 3 matches. Here is a list.

List when west indies  won

1.      In 1979 won by 9 wickets.
2.      In 1983, won by 66 runs.
3.      In 1992, won by 5 wickets

List when India won


1.      In 1983, won by 34 runs
2.      In1983, finals won by 43 runs.
3.      In 1996, won by 5 wickets.
4.      In 2011, won by 80 runs.
5.      In 2015, won by 4 wickets.



The Weak Points Of India 

 1.  Middle Order Is Not Able To Score Big Runs.

As in this world cup, our openers done exceptionally well which our “middle muddle” problem. but in the match against Afghanistan, our middle order does not score good runs and this middle muddle problem again continues.  

    2. High Dot Percentage

Our batsmen have very high dot balls percentage. Only Virat Kohli has the best ability to takes and build his innings and put pressure on the opposite team.i have a stats that in the previous match India faced 152 dot balls which more than 25 overs.

              The Strong Point Of The Indian Squad

1. Our top 3 are in good forms

Rohit Sharma has scored highest runs (320)for India in this world with 2 hundred and one half-centuries. Virat scores 3 consecutive half-centuries. KL Rahul also scores a half-century against Pakistan.

 2. Our Seamers Balls At The Right Length And Take Wickets

our seamer especially Bumrah balls at right length take 8 wickets in this world cup.In the last match against Afghanistan Mohammad Shami also balls at the right length and with good pace and takes 4 wickets in his first match.


3.Spinners are taking Wickets In The Middle Overs.

The middle overs are very crucial for any team as in that a team can make a match to his side or lose a match by losing wickets in the middle overs. Our spinners Kuldeep was successful in taking wickets in the middle overs.   

                               Strong Points Of West Indies.

  1.   Great  Batting  With A High Strike Rate

as west indies are known for their hitting power. they have the ability when they are on a charge they kept on hitting long -long sixes and fours with such an ease which make batting look so easy and do the full entertainment of the people                                                  

2. High Batting Depth

they have very long batting line up which makes their line up even more dangerous and their lower order can hit cleanly.                                                 

                           Weak Points Of West Indies


Their bowling is the matter of concern except for Cottrell no other bowler didn’t make pressure with their bowling. They do not have quality spimmers .they only depends on their pace attack.

2. Pressure Absorbing Power

none of their players absorb pressure and not able to rotate strike for them.they can’t play well under pressure. there playing style is either hit the ball for boundary or dot it. This style makes more pressure on them.

3.Loose Wickets In Middle overs

when they loose wicket they loose in the bunch and no one when spending time on the crease .everybody try to hit hard.

4.Loose Champion All-Rounder

they lose Andre Russell how is out of world cup due to a knee injury which is such a big blow for them.

In the end, I would like to say that it is their style how to play and sometimes it works for them some time it not. I hope for an interesting match tomorrow.